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Acupuncture Success Stories

In 2009 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. This meant that my husband’s and my plan to start a family would be delayed because I had no period and did not ovulate. We decided to try the western medicine approach. I tried 3 rounds of clomid and had no success. My OB recommended seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, however, after doing some research I decided to give Eastern Medicine a chance.
In January 2010 I started working with Chrissy Renz. She was wonderful at tailoring my acupuncture and herbs to my specific needs. Throughout my 9 months of weekly acupuncture treatments I saw changes in my body. My basal body temperature rose, my period became existent, ovulation started to occur, and eventually I became pregnant!! Chrissy made a believer out of me that Eastern Medicine can work wonders.
Thank You!
J. A.

Working with Chrissy Renz for the past months has significantly changed my life. Before my treatments with Chrissy, I was in chronic pain with an arthritic knee. I avoided stairs, getting in and out of a car; in fact, all change in activity (sitting to standing) was extremely painful. I was afraid I would not be able to participate or enjoy my son's upcoming wedding. Chrissy worked diligently with me prior to the wedding. She not only treated my local knee pain, but identified other issues which contributed to my overall health. The bottom line was, I was able to feel wonderful and enjoy the "big day" and beyond to today.

I have worked with other acupuncturists before, but none compare to Chrissy Renz. I now am a more balanced individual, both physically and emotionally. Not only is my knee pain almost nonexistent, but I am also more confident in my walking, balance, and overall strength.

Chrissy brings a myriad of talents to the table. Her expertise and utilization of the most advanced techniques along with her compassion and determination in obtaining optimal results for her patients sets her apart from others.
Thank you for everything,
Kim F.

True healing! That's how I would describe my experience. Due to extensive and intense work I injured my shoulder and neck to the point that I could not sleep at night because of the pain. Losing a good part of my range of motion was another issue. Being stubborn by nature I tried all kind of remedies and being a massage therapist obviously massages, which gave some relief.

I believe in acupuncture but I never got the chance to try it... well this was the perfect situation. I was referred to Chistine Renz by one of my clients. She did wonders!!! She got me 80% better in one session and in the second one she fixed me completely. A very dedicated, professional, intuitive and knowledgeable therapist, she explained to me every step of her work. You can tell that she is totally dedicated to what she is doing... helping people to heal from inside out.
Peter M.


I can't speak highly enough about my unbelievable experience at Essential Wellness of Illinois. I have always believed in acupuncture, but just never made the time. I was tired of headaches, stress and anxiety. I was sick of taking over the counter meds to feel better. I was referred by a friend to go see Christine Renz, a licensed Acupuncturist. I finally made an appointment and was amazed at her knowledge and concern for my conditions. She listened to my concerns and explained what she was going to do. No pain from needles and I was relaxed immediately. My headaches were gone after I left her office. I have continued to make weekly appointments and have gotten unbelievable help from Christine. She is 100% dedicated to making you feel the best you can feel. So any of you suffering from almost anything she is the ONE to make you feel better without taking over the counter meds to mask them. Her goal is to make you be at your best physically and emotionally.
Allison L.


The whole idea of acupuncture made me uneasy. I was the person who would smile and say "not for me." But one day at work when the pain in my back became unbearable, Chrissy offered her services and at that point the pain outweighed my fear. I am now a believer. It was immediate relief and for me an amazing experience. I followed up with more treatments, and after a few days I felt strong and pain free. Chrissy was very patient with me, and I felt very comfortable. So after many years of pain and medicating through it, I now have an alternative path that I am very confident in.
Thank you


“Working with you for the last year has been a very positive and therapeutic experience for me. You are a compassionate, insightful, and talented healer. You are respectful and nonjudgmental when many others may judge.

Chrissy, you have helped me relieve physical ailments, sinus allergies, back pain, headaches, and you have provided me with emotional healing as well. The emotional aspect has been especially important for me, being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and managing crisis and trauma on a daily basis; you have been able to understand many of my feelings even when words seem inadequate in describing the empathy and pain I sometimes take on from my clients.

I am writing to thank you, for your patience, humor, and your holistic treatment approach; which takes into account practical and material concerns, in addition to the “presenting problem.” I would recommend you to anyone who would listen! This is coming from someone who has high standards and has worked with many practitioners.

Chrissy I wish you much luck in your ongoing practice, although you do not need luck since you possess all the knowledge and skill of an accomplished Acupuncturist.”
Most Sincerely,
Alison M.


“In the month of March 2009 I came for relief of severe pain that I had in my lower right abdomen for a period of 2 years. I had exhausted all of the options traditional medicine had offered, the latest being the suggestion that I allow the doctors to block my inguinal nerve (which had the possibility of causing additional health issues). I did not find this option at all appealing so I looked elsewhere for a solution.

With the professional and caring treatment I received from Chrissy Renz, I have noticed a marked improvement in my overall health. Chrissy was patient and informative, she wanted to assure that I would be comfortable with the treatment I was about to receive. Her confident manner made me feel at ease immediately.

Prior to being treated with acupuncture by Ms. Renz, I was taking approximately 8 different types of pain medications and a sedative to sleep. Within 2 weeks of the first treatment by Chrissy, I was able to function without pain medications for the first time in over 2 years. My life has improved immensely and I am looking forward to continuing treatment for my issue.

Ms. Renz is competent, professional, and most of all, a caring individual that is able to assess and treat the whole person, not just one problem. I would recommend her services to anyone with health issues.”
Peg V.


I wanted to let you know just how much your acupuncture treatments have done for me & especially my husband. 

My husband - Larry D.
Larry had arthroscopic knee surgery done mid January this year (2010).  This was his second surgery on the same knee in about a year and a half.  He sustained another tear in the meniscus & this time there was also debridement of some arthritis. 
He had received 2 cortisone injections before the first surgery.  After the 1st surgery he was never pain free.  He had 3 more cortisone injections after the surgery which gave only slight, temporary, relief.  He then had to have a 2nd surgery.  At his 2nd month post-op visit the Doctor suggested physical therapy to try & relieve the pain.  He went 2 times a week for over 2 months & the pain was not alleviated.  The Doctor then did a cortisone injection, which also gave no relief for the pain.
I finally convinced him to try acupuncture.  After his FIRST treatment he had a 50% improvement in the pain!  I could tell by the expression on his face he was truly shocked at the results.  That evening he actually initiated us going for a walk after dinner.  He had no increase in his pain from the walk.  After his second treatment he stated the pain to be 95% improved!  That evening we went for a longer walk, again no pain. 

He has had 2 more treatments & is basically pain free for the first time in over 2 and a half years!!!  He is able to walk, go up & down the stairs, everything without that excruciating pain he'd had prior to his 1st acupuncture treatment.  I know he is now a true believer & plans to do maintenance treatments as needed to continue being pain free.
Terry D.


I had arthroscopic knee surgery, to repair 2 tears in the meniscus & debride some arthritis, late last October (2009).  Almost 4 months after the surgery I wasn't as far along with my recovery as I'd hoped to be.  I still had significant discomfort, was not able to kneel down without pain & had to hold on to something in order to get back up.  I had one cortisone injection, which gave minimal relief, and I had endured a major cortisone flare.  I was still having significant shooting pains & a feeling of excess pressure on the back of my knee.  At times I actually wondered if having the surgery was really worth it.  

Then, after doing a little research on acupuncture, I decided to give it a try.  I noticed a significant reduction in pain after the 1st treatment.  By the 4th treatment I was able to actually kneel down with out any pain or pressure on the repaired knee & get up without having to use a piece of furniture to pull myself up with!  The acupuncture treatments have made a vast improvement in both my comfort level & ease of movement.  I am so glad I tried it!  I plan to continue with periodic treatments, as needed, for maintenance.  I'm now a true believer in acupuncture!
Terry & Larry D.


“Chrissy Renz was my provider for eight months and I recommend her as one of the best acupuncture treatment providers. She was attentive to me as a patient and worked with me to identify approaches, which often varied. She asked just enough questions to ensure that the treatment plan for that day targets the problem, for me usually a combination of stress and depleted energy due to law school. The stress was tremendous at times and I walked away feeling ready to cope and obtained a measure of peace before having to go back at the grind. I also experienced injury from sports and other life mishaps and she treated those effectively as well. And at times, we have had to make choices about what to treat; her assessments were on target and the most comprehensive treatment possible was often a matter of using insight and experience. Chrissy has a way of combining both to sometimes create an atypical treatment but one that is always very appropriate. Her needling technique is by far the best I’ve experienced to date and I have received treatments over several years and from six different providers. And one other bonus, she knows a good joke when she hears one.”
K. Lambert


“Chrissy was the first acupuncturist I had ever been to. Needless to say, I was nervous about the needles! On my first visit, she made me feel comfortable and gave me an amazing treatment. She walked me through every needle and would ask for feedback continuously. I felt the transformation in my body instantly and wanted to go back for more!

Since June 2008, I have been seeing only Chrissy. I had been undergoing a lot of stress during this time period, and she helped me relieve my anxiety and helped me make the decision to change my diet. She recommended the book “Healing with Whole Foods” and gave me recommendations for foods to eat. I went from crying on a daily basis from stress to feeling I could control my emotions and feel more at peace. I credit the treatments with her for this!

Furthermore, when I’ve been sick with colds and flu’s, she has been very helpful in curing them within a few days. I feel healthier and more in touch with my body. She has educated me about what symptoms to look for and how they are interrelated to my “Qi.”

Lastly, I’ve been thinking of starting a family, and she recommended another great book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” to me to help my endeavor.

Chrissy is not only knowledgeable about nutrition and Chinese acupuncture, but she is also very friendly, laid back, funny, and patient. She is also a great listener. I felt that I could always be honest about my symptoms from head to toe, and she would take them seriously and accurately take note of them. She documents everything and is very thorough. I never felt like a stranger in her office having to explain my symptoms repeatedly!

I would highly recommend a treatment with Chrissy, especially if you’ve never had one! She’ll put you at ease right away. I would highly recommend continuing treatments with her because she’ll look out for your well being and pay close attention to your needs.”
Lily A.

“Chrissy Renz practices acupuncture in a way that is capable, efficient, and caring. She has the uncanny ability to go to the heart of the problem, and to find real solutions for it. She asks the right questions, and listens, really listens.

As a busy graduate student, I saw Chrissy for foot pain, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and digestion problems. All of which improved in a significant way after treatments from her.

I would recommend her highly to friends and family. I would recommend her to people dealing with a short-term health issues, or those that are more chronic. I always felt like I was in capable hands, with her confident and winning manner.

Most importantly, unlike some Western Medical Doctors, I felt listened to, and heard. I always felt better after an appointment with Chrissy.”
Scott B.


“Receiving acupuncture for the first time, I was nervous and unsure of the benefits. I had no idea if this treatment would help my allergies and insomnia. To my surprise, acupuncture did for me what doctors could not. Currently, I am able to sleep and my allergies are improving day by day. I am very pleased with the services I received from Chrissy Renz. She is god sent, she helps me feel at ease during my treatment and she was sensitive to my needs. Each treatment Chrissy was informative and caring.”
Thank you Chrissy for your caring spirit,
Yolanda B.


“As a social worker, I am drained emotionally, mentally, and physically but treatments with Chrissy revive me completely and I am able to continue to serve others thanks to her. Chrissy has a unique sense of how to pin point (no pun intended) the specific underlying health problem and she has the perfect touch in solving it. After a treatment I feel energized, not just from the acupuncture, but also from her caring and compassionate demeanor. I highly recommend Chrissy to anyone seeking to improve their life by obtaining better health.”
Mamie A.