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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine has been utilized for over 2,000 years in the treatment and prevention of illness. Herbs can be used as a standalone treatment or, as is more often the case, in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. Taking herbs on a daily basis will increase the duration and degree of effectiveness of an acupuncture session. Herbs work on gently correcting the underlying cause or root of a disorder as well restoring balance in the body at the deepest levels. Just as it is done in acupuncture, each person is looked at as an individual and an herbal formula is customized for them, minimizing the potential side effects. Today, herbs are mostly given in granular tea form, but occasionally they are given in pill form as well.

Chinese HerbsEssential Wellness of Illinois uses herbs only from reputable companies. These herbs have the optimum quality and potency in addition to being screened for safety. The companies thoroughly test the herbs to be sure they are free from contaminants, additives, toxic materials, pollutants and chemicals.

We are trained in the safe use of herbal medicine, both in its use as a primary treatment as well as for patients who are currently on biomedical drugs. Our integrative training included pharmacology, biochemistry, and physiology in addition to training in traditional Chinese uses of herbal medicine. Furthermore, we are national board certified, having successfully passed the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)’s exam in Chinese Herbology. In order to stay current on these ancient and time tested herbal therapies, we regularly attend continuing education seminars to maintain up to date knowledge of the Chinese pharmacopeia.